Marvit Srl, based in Sandrigo (VI), Italy, was founded in 2000.
Over the years, it has specialized in the high strength bolt sector.
Thanks to major investments and partnerships with European manufacturers, Marvit is able to provide structural bolting, operating as an exclusive distributor in Italy, to standard EN 1090

Standard EN 14399 with CE marking (HV system) – Pre-loaded bolts
Standard EN 15048 with CE and SB markings – Non pre-loaded bolts
Standard ISO 7089 – Flat HV200 washers
Standard DIN 912 – SHC screws of Class 12.9 PLAIN

Regarding these articles, Marvit has a sufficient warehouse stock to meet the needs of the market.
Our staff is available to advise on any type of need, and can produce personalized quotes.
We look forward to hearing from you, to compare our prices against those of your current suppliers, or to make a personal appointment.

Tel : +39 391 1032375
Mail: vendite4@marvitsrl.net

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